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Mondello - Italy - October 2016 - migrants on the rocks

Sguardi sui ragazzi Harraga

Harraga Guys, means “Burning the Borders” to migrate. Minors disembark on the italian coast. We illustrate a charity project to protect their future.

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Idomeni / Border Grece to Macedonia 3/9/2016 / 11 am

Make Europe no border / Idomeni 2016

A project that began in 2012 after the war in Libya during the first great migration in Sicily. A story of the lives of men and women in search of their Europe.


Kolkata,India-March 2016:Life in the Wasteland-Wastes littered and dumped in the open forming a heap of rubble affect plants and animals in the surroundings. The soil in certain places has lost its fertility turning the land barren.

Life in the Wastelands

Kolkata, one of the most important economic and cultural hubs of India. A concrete jungle of sky high buildings, swanky malls and offices, yet with a life refulgent, simple and laid back.


Bari (former school Socrate), May 2014 - Chad migrant (19 years old) in apparent confusion (amplified by the use of alcohol).

Second Reception – photo essay by Marco Sacco

I tried to show in the most neutral and clear their condition.


© Pooja Jain

DeConstructed life of campers

Workers represent half the world’s population and are major contributors to economic and social development. Million workers migrated for reasons of employment.


Gary Knight, PRIVATE 57

Gary Knight | Inmigración Topografia: The Incineration of Migrant Dreams

This is a story about migration, the illegal migration of thousands of men, women and children from Central and South America into the United States.


The train Station in Ostende. Most of the migrants arrive by train. March, 2012

Nicolas Landemard | The Invisibles

They call themselves the invisibles. Impossible to be sure how many they are in Ostende and around, certainly more than we can imagine. Coming from all around the planet they end here on the Belgium coast, where the railroad ends.


David Farrell at Living-Leaving

PhotoIreland Festival 3rd Edition

Migration is not only moving from one place to another, it is also a process of losing, rebuilding, defending and examining one’s own cultural identity. The photographic medium has always been at the forefront of investigating these phenomena, producing iconic images, recording moments of change, questioning cultural identity.

On the road from Tétouan to Ceuta. Ceuta is located a few tens of kilometers from Tangier, forming, on the African continent, the other cape of the Strait of Gibraltar. Ceuta is also a dead end, crossed by the Moroccans from Europe who took the ferry from Algeciras to reach the region of Tetouan by the most direct route.

Arno Brignon | End of Europe in Ceuta

Ceuta is a reflection in the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar of an Europe in crisis. Surrounded by a high security fence, it looks like a trap in which migrant Moroccans and Spaniards seem stuck waiting for promises of better days… In the extreme south of Europe, Ceuta (Sebta in Arabic), a Spanish enclave […]


Migrant Workers Journey <br>Michele Palazzi & Alessandro Penso

Migrant Workers Journey

n tempo sarebbero stati chiamati schiavi, oggi vengono definiti clandestini o lavoratori stagionali. Ma lo sfruttamento è rimasto lo stesso e non hanno nessuna voce, nessun diritto. Neanche quello di ammalarsi o di farsi curare in ospedale perché, se privi di permesso di soggiorno, rischiano fino a quattro anni di carcere. Ogni giorno devono procurarsi […]


PRIVATE 48, p. 12-13 (12-15)

Bertrand Meunier | Hong Kong’s “cage homes”

One of the bleak, shocking realities of life in Hong Kong, is the humiliating situation of men living in cages. Hong Kong’s “cage homes” are dormitories where you’ll find rows of bunk beds, each enclosed in wire netting, in which the tenants store their belongings.


PRIVATE 48, p. 16-17 (16-19)

Franky Verdickt | Chinese Migrant Workers

China is in constant demand for workers to build new cities that will accommodate the emerging middle class. A flux of migrant workers from western China seeks prosperity in the richer eastern coastal part of China.


PRIVATE 48, p. 56-57 (56-59)

Rodrigo Cruz | The Promised Land

Every year thousands of Central Americans from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras illegally enter Mexico via the southern border with the goal of reaching the United States and a better life.


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