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Mexico, Teotihuacan, 01.2016

The magic mountains

The project combines portraits, landscapes, and still life in my story that explores the lives of people residing in small mountain towns in the Mexico.


London, 2014, © Arturo Soto, Circling the Square

Arturo Soto | Circling the Square

Modern cities are incommensurable places, and the challenges of representing them only increases with their size. Exhausting the myriad possibilities of a city like London is surely impossible, nothing


PRIVATE 56, p. 50-51

Carlos Alvarez Montero | The Mexican Railway

More than 20 years ago the Licenciado Adolfo Lopez Mateos railway school carriage reached its final destination in the Valley of Mexico, after years of traveling from town to town


PRIVATE 55, p. 34-35

Maya Goded | Land of Witches

After finishing the series ‘Missing’ that examines the ‘disappeared’ women killed on the Mexico-USA border, I developed a need to change the destiny of these women.


PRIVATE 48, p. 56-57 (56-59)

Rodrigo Cruz | The Promised Land

Every year thousands of Central Americans from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras illegally enter Mexico via the southern border with the goal of reaching the United States and a better


PRIVATE 20 | Fotografia MEXICANA De Hoy

A rich and profound change of Mexican photography occured in the 90s. This transformation, initiated by a young generation of photographers of the end of the century, changed the manner

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