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Bamako Photo In / Paris

Les photographes maliens Malick Sidibé, Seydou Keita, Adama Kouyate, Mohamed Camara, Alioune BA, Adama Bamba, Fatoumata Diabaté, Racine Keyta, Mamadou Konaté exposent à Paris

PRIVATE 56, p. 10-11

Matias Costa | Schools in Mali

In Mali, 85% of women suffer genital mutilation. Nearly 66% leave school early, and one in every five are forced to marry before the age of fifteen. Half of the



Martin Errichiello | Tales of the River Lebe

The cultural essence of Mali, a western African country, reveals herself as a precious alchemy of anthropological roots where more than 20 ethnic groups such as the Bambara from the


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