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It’s me

It hurts to be in love / We don’t choose the creature we fall in love with / a combination of chemical in our body / tell us who is irresistible to us…


untitled, Delhi, November

Another Love

Another Love is a visual and intimate representation of wanting to be never separated. It is about change and adapting to it after something new.



Same Love

Same Love, photo essay by Stanek Jakub Same love Same love is an attempt to establish an intimate dialogue between the artist, showing the innermost face of the heroes, and the heroes themselves, who leave the doors ajar to their love stories. The document is showing homosexual couples forming families or marriage for over a […]


Jean et Carol

« Lovers in Beijing » de Cédric Spilthooren

Dans un pays où les valeurs communautaires et familiales constituent les piliers sociétaux, vivre librement son orientation sexuelle est une gageure.

Ebrahim Noroozi, Victims of forced love, PRIVATE 58, p. 20-21

Ebrahim Noroozi | Victims of forced love

Life had been unkind for mother and daughter, Somayeh Mehri, 29-years-old and Ra’na Afghanipour, three-years-old, victims of forced love. Because of saying «No» to this love they’ve been attacked by acid…


Trieste, Italy August 2012 - A portrait of Donatella and Gabriele in Piazza Unità, the symbol of Trieste.

Carlo Gianferro | Mad About You / A Short Story About Love

Their lives are consequences of families who couldn’t express their emotionality since childhood, this loss of emotionality bought them to psychic sufferings and periods in sanitary structures.


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