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A picture from Lina Pallotta's project Porpora and Valerie.

The Story From Within, interview with Lina Pallotta

Long-term photographic narrative author and visual reportage educator, Lina Pallotta does not fear innovation. We met her for a conversation about story-telling, visual education and nowadays’ expressive chanllenges for the photographic world. Sabrina Merolla: What is photography and, since we are meeting just before of your photographic workshop in Naples, what to expect from an […]

From Lina Pallotta's 20 years long project "Porpora e Valerie".

Napoli: Visual Story-Telling, workshop with Lina Pallotta

Well-known photographer Lina Pallotta’s STORY TELLING workshop will last three days. The experience is specifically aimed to photographers realizing a personal long-term photo project. How to transform an idea in a series of images and a comprehensive story? This the main lead of these full-immersion classes. Students will be encouraged and pushed to re-analyze their […]

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