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It was a tiring day at the office

Ratrish – The night to a new morning…

Who is real – the body that the soul wears, or the soul that the body protects? Ratrish Rajesh Sahais a woman’s soul wrapped in a man’s body.


© Zanele Muholi

Fo(u)nd – Zanele Muholi

South African photographer Zanele Muholi’s (b. 1972) work is focused on the lives of LGBTI people in Africa. Her mostly black and white photography includes portraits of LGBTI people and photos of people embracing and loving each other, but it also documents memorial services of women who have been victim to homophobia. Zanele Muholi’s photographs are a direct response to the epidemic […]


PRIVATE 36, p. 52-53 (52-57), Zanele Muholi | Only half the picture

Zanele Muholi | Only half the picture

Trained at the Market Photo Workshop, Muholi came to national attention in September 2004 with her exhibition Visual Sexuality


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