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The view of Kangchenjunga on clouds from Tumling, Nepal - February 2017. "Kangchenjunga on acid" from the center of the village.

A Tale of an Eastern Himalayan Hamlet

Reliving my days in the tiny Eastern Himalayan hamlet Tumling which points out the connection between man and nature. Capturing this connection through the landscapes.


Tsomgo Lake,Sikkim, India - November 2016. The ethereally beautiful Tsomgo Lake is situated 38 km from Gangtok and at an altitude of 12,400 ft.

Sikkim – The land of mystic beauty

The northeastern Indian state Sikkim has a sense of inherent mysticism in it. Capturing the land of pristine places where time passes steadily.


Toilets at Karvansaray in Maranjab desert, Kashan, Iran, November 2015

Of the desert

How can the desert be the oasis away from the city life? During my last visit in Iran, I saw people seeking sanctuary in the barren landscapes.


American Desert - September 2013. Aerial desert landscape "Untitled #01".

“AT 36000 FEET”

An ongoing project of aerial photographs of the US Southwest desert landscape. Images of ancient geological formations and modern human traces.




Last year, I tried to use the most direct approach to take the photos along the southeastern coastal line. What I saw was completely different from that in my childhood as the result of the construction projects.


Adriatic sea, Abruzzo, Torino di Sangro, Italy, 2015

Lego Beach (a serious play)

Just like the abandoned constructions in children’s bedrooms waiting for a new brick, a new gesture before being demolished again…



Life at sea

Here in the pictures is one of the small, almost abandoned villages on the shore of the Barents sea. Once an important trade port of the region, now left behind for both economical and environmental reasons.


Avonmouth Bristol 2013. This site was part of the National Smelting Works, which at one stage during WWI was the main centre of the production of mustard gas. In 2012 workers clearing the site for the building of a large ASDA distribution building suffered from skin irritations and nosebleeds after discovering some buried munitions. The site today has been given the all clear and building has recommenced.

Project Cleansweep – Beyond the Post-Military Landscape in the United Kingdom

…over 371,000 hectares of the British landmass was reserved and appropriated for military use.


Milos, Cyclades Islands (Greece) - August 2015

Back to the Cyclades, a trip in Greece – photo essay by Paolo Ruggiero

Here I am again, among those whitewashed streets, among these cats that are the most blessed in the world and, among the Meltemi flurries.


Perdue au milieu de la toundra à 400km au nord du cercle polaire, Norilsk n’a pas de liaisons terrestres avec le reste du monde. Cependant, les voies fluviales, maritimes et aériennes permettent à la vie d'être rattachée au reste de la Russie : 'le continent'. Norilsk est reliée par la route et le train à la ville portuaire de Doudinka, un peu plus au nord. Doudinka ouvre ensuite sur les routes maritimes de Mourmousk et Arkhangelsk, permettant un contact avec la civilisation.  De plus, en été, de juin à septembre, le fleuve Ienisseï est navigable et permet de relier en bateau Norilsk à Krasnoïarsk, plus au sud. Au temps de Staline, la route périlleuse menant au Goulag de Norilsk était surnommée la route de la mort, tant le voyage pour atteindre la ville du nord était difficile.

Jours de Nuit – Nuits de Jour

The photos show moments of daily life inside Norilsk, important mining and metallurgic center in Russia, the world’s northernmost city with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

Robert Adams, In a New Subdivision (in einem neuen Vorort), Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1969 Silbergelatine-Abzug, 15.2 x 15.2 cm Yale University Art Gallery, gekauft mit einer Schenkung von Saundra B. Lane und Zuschüssen aus dem Trellis Fund sowie dem Janet and Simeon Braguin Fund. © Robert Adams

Robert Adams – The Place We Live

Adams is the foremost living landscape photographer of Americas West. This first major retrospective of his photography reveals the eloquence and redemptive power of Adams’ American landscape


Roya Noorinezhad | Intercity Train

Nowadays, travel has become an indispensable part of modern life. For the modern man, travel turns out to have a different, new meaning, interpreted as “moving from one place to another to do the routines”. To see the everyday landscapes between two cities, as a pleasurable experience, takes us away from the turmoil of everyday […]


Gary Knight, PRIVATE 57

Gary Knight | Inmigración Topografia: The Incineration of Migrant Dreams

This is a story about migration, the illegal migration of thousands of men, women and children from Central and South America into the United States.


Old Pier Dressed

Rafal Maleszyk | Plastic Landscapes

Plastic Landscapes it is very original idea of changing the landscape by incorporating proper kinds of plastic depending on the location, light, the strength and direction of the wind, tide and the size of the swell.


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