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Kyoto, Japan - July 2015

Vending machine business, 自動販売機 (jidouhanbaiki)

Japan has the highest ratio of vending machines to landmass in the world. What does it tell us about japanese culture ?


Yutaka Takanashi Untitled (Tatsumi Hijikata), 1969 Silbergelatine © Takanashi Yutaka Takanashi / Taka Ishii Gallery, Keio University Art Center / Courtesy of Butoh Laboratory Japan

PROVOKE: Between Protest and Performance, photography in Japan 1960–1975

A lively installation that features works by Nobuyoshi Araki, Eikō Hosoe, Kazuo Kitai, Daidō Moriyama, Takuma Nakahira, Shōmei Tōmatsu and many more.

TOKYO, JAPAN - October 2015. Party goer dressed as Star Wars' character takes selfie.

Halloween in Shibuya Tokyo

The Japanese concept of harmony is a strong social element typically involving conforming to a social group which in the case of Halloween is demonstrated…


Tokyo, Japan - October 2015 - Night of Tokyo

Journey in Tokyo

Journey in Tokyo is an urban wandering, an attempt to capture something of the soul Tokyoite. Walking for hours, sometimes until the exhaustion, in streets, alleys and others avenues of this sprawling town.



Osaka salaryman

One of the many ‘salarymen’ that you can see in all major cities in Japan. Because of the long working hours (13 hours a day, 6 days per week) many fall sleep on the subway train when returning home late in the evening, often between 9 and 10pm.


Cart drivers are arriving at the Market.

Matteo Allegro | Tsukiji Market

Located in central Tokyo it is for sure one of the most interesting spots in the city, offering to the visitors an authentic overview of how huge and serious the fish business actually is in Japan.


Nobuyoshi Araki ‘Kirishin’

Following the series ‘Aisetsu’ and ‘Sagan no Koi’ (Love on the Left Eye), Kirishin is Araki’s latest series to emerge from work based on “destruction” and “reconstruction”…

Tokyo, Japan - May 2012. Portrait of Toshihito with his reproduction of the 'starry night'.

Felipe Casaca | Affections

‘Affections’ documents the persons who have had an impact on me during the time I lived in Tokyo. My wife Teresa, my friends, and others with their personal stories – they are represented in their different emotional states and with a tense body language. The presence of my private space – my room – its […]


38.257981   141.000359    House. Sendal. Miyagi Prefecture. November 14. 2011   248 days after

Tadashi Ono

La galerie VivoEquidem présente du 22 mars au 31 mai les photographies de Tadashi Ono prises entre le 247ème et le 341ème jour le long du littoral japonais ravagé par le tsunami du 11 mars 2011.

Odaka Japan-July 2011, Animal activist in search of abandoned pets.

Pierpaolo Mittica | Fukushima “No-Go Zone”

I followed the Fukushima nuclear accident from the beginning till now, covering almost two years of the story. And here there is my story.


Daisaku OOZU "One year has passed" Minami-Souma, Fukushima March 2012 from "INVISIBLESCAPES" (c) Oozu / galerie son

Invisiblescapes: Images from Fukushima and all parts of Japan by Daisaku OOZU

The photographer Daisaku Oozu, who has studied both photography in Osaka and philosophy in Kyoto and now lives in Yokohama, has hitherto placed the emphasis of his work on the depiction of landscape, sea and light. In his forthcoming exhibition in galerie son he again takes these subjects up, this time also in conjunction with […]

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