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It’s a metaphor that reflects the human condition all too often forced into patterns and plaster roles and that leaves no room for imagination.


Florence, Italy - June 2016; a player of the Bianchi (“Whites”) di Santo Spirito team is seen in a dressing room after the last training before a match of Calcio.

Vsqve ad finem

Vsqve ad finem is a Latin motto meaning to the very end, primarily used by Gladiators and Roman legionaries. Often used in reference to battle…



From diary to fiction

A photography workshop with Arja Hyytiäinen LUCE continues its training proposal with a new and interesting workshop: “From diary to fiction” held by photographer Arja Hyytiäinen. The course will take

07/18/2015 - Rome (Italy). Chiara is 17 years old hiding her face behind her hair for a joke


This work is about adolescence. The protagonists are young people living a part of their lives in the “elsewhere” of a therapeutic rehabilitation center.


Monte Sole (Marzabotto), Bologna, Italy, October 28, 2015. Adolf Hitler said" We must be cruel we must be with quiet consciousness. We must destroy technically, scientifically" those words are impressed on a stone of the entrance wall at the Casaglia cemetery. On the Marzabotto area, situated on the Appennini mountains between Bologna and Florence, the German Nazists special forces SS with the help of Italian fascists, accomplished one of the biggets slaughter against the local civil population of the Second World War, killing 1836 people, including 250 children. Only at the Casaglia cemetery were killed by machine guns and hand grenades 195 people between them 25 children.

Little family of Monte Sole

In 1944 at Monte Sole, on the Bologna’s Appennino mountains, Casetta and Podella were 2 farms producing cereals, fruits and grapes, surrounded by a huge area of wood and chestnut


Bari, ITALY - winter 2015

Naughty Nights

Naughty Nights is an reportage based on the visions during the wanderings to search a sexual partner for one-night stand. The one-night stand is the erotic manifestation of carpe diem,


Adriatic sea, Abruzzo, Torino di Sangro, Italy, 2015

Lego Beach (a serious play)

Just like the abandoned constructions in children’s bedrooms waiting for a new brick, a new gesture before being demolished again…


Airuno - Italia - Novembre2015

Fog and Trees

I find the fog and trees the essence of nature. Trees are watching, the fog hides to protect. I looked for a place where these two elements you encounter, and


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