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QANDIL, Kurdistan, 2013: Two female PJAK guerrillas walking trough the Qandil mountain

Maryam Ashrafi | Kurdish women fighters

Their battle, I believe, is harder than that of their male counterparts, as they are not only fighting for their basic rights as Kurds, but also as women, in societies


PRIVATE 58 (Mehdi Monem, Civilian Victims of Iran-Iraq War, p. 62-63)

Mehdi Monem | Civilian Victims of Iran-Iraq War

In September 22nd 1980, Iran-Iraq war started with the bombardment of some Iranian cities. In the beginning, no one could imagine that this war would be one of the longest


PRIVATE 44, p. 16-17 (16-23), Yuri Kozyrev - Iraq. War six years after

Yuri Kozyrev | War six years after

Six years after the war in Iraq began, one million Iraqis and over four thousand Americans are dead, tens of thousands of Americans and Iraqis are left injured, and well


Antoine Agoudjian (Burning eyes)

Antoine Agoudjian | Burning eyes. Memory of Armenians

have been working on a photographic project dealing with memory since 1989. Every report leads me to places full of the history of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire where


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