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Ex Leprosy Patients

20/07/2015  Tabanan, Indonesia Asyraf Rasid ayan Kendri 75, is among the former leprosy patients who were still living in relief centres located in Yehputek leprosy settlement. This settlement was erected


Bali, Indonesia, November 2011. Nengah, 56 years old, schizophrenic for 11 years, in chain for 5 years. His family doesn't release him otherwise he becomes aggressive.

Giulio Paletta | Mental disease in paradise

Mental disease in Bali is not an easy thing. The secluded and traditional Balinese community doesn’t accept the existance of this illness.



Rahman Roslan | Nur

  This project is about an Indonesian migrant worker who has been abused for 5 years during her stay in Malaysia. Her name is Nur. Nur migrated to Malaysia November


PRIVATE 37_16-17

Danny Veys | “Re-construction” Aceh

On December 26th 2004 the coast of the Aceh province in Indonesia was heavily struck by a tsunami. Approximately 200,000 people were killed.


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