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Blood Spill on the floor of casualty department of Dhaka Medical College, Bangladesh


It’s a room similar to many other rooms. A room consists of walls, windows and roof. But if you happened to step through the doorway, across the invisible barrier separating the emergency room from the world…


People are running to find their family member and relative who were rescued from the collapsed Rana Plaza and admitted in Enam Medical College & Hospital. (27th April, 2013)

Anik Rahman | Life Under Construction

24th April 2013, it was just like an another random day for all the Bangladeshi people. A day started with lots of pressure with work for the working people and so on for other people with their duty.


Al Qusayr, Syria - 2012. A nurse is resting after a day's work.

Giulio Piscitelli | Risking their lives to save lives

After more than a year of violent repression and thousands of deaths, broke out in Syria a real civil war. The FSA rebels are fighting against the army of Bashar Al Assad. The government army bombed major cities every day trying to eliminate the rebels.


PRIVATE 48, p. 78-79 (78-81)

Anna Kåri | Death in Birth

Just a few hours after entering the largest maternity hospital in Sierra Leone a 26 year old healthy woman dies just after giving birth to a baby girl, her second child.


PRIVATE 24, p. 26-27 (26-29), photo Yiorgos Kartsangelos

Georgios Kartsagelos | Portraits in the Mental Hospital

The people who live the next to us is my subject. We usually tent to forget that some of us have different needs. My photographs want to remind us this fact…


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