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Neva river, © Ekaterina_Vasilyeva

Neva. River for people. People for river

The people living in the Neva river valley love their river and instinctively want to see in the surrounding landscape not only natural resources, but also a source of aesthetic pleasure.

Berlin, Germany - May 2015. My grandfather, grandmother and my mother in 1939. My grandfather was an SS soldier. Part of the elite military force in Germany at the time. He was put onto desk duty after he incurred many seizures from his brain tumor. This is my grandparents wedding announcement along side some Forget-Me-Nots from the garden.

Whispers in East Berlin

In a time of rising fascism and threats to democracy around the world, this project speaks to the trauma of a government that attacks it’s citizens.


Munich, Germany - 12 February 2015/2:30 PM. Sister Ehrentrut discusses her faith over lunch.

Testimony of Faith

Faith fascinates me, in the sense that I want to understand what drives some people to be full of faith and other to not.


Gendarmenmarkt area.

Darkness and light in Berlin

December is a month that makes even more fascinating and mysterious Berlin, one of the most vital, multicultural and, simultaneously, quieter capital cities in Europe.


Simon Norfolk Bullet-scarred apartment building and shops in the Karte Char district of Kabul. This area saw fighting between Hikmetyar and Rabbani and then between Rabbani and the Hazaras,  2003 © Simon Norfolk

Conflict, Time, Photography

After a first show at Tate Modern in London, the exhibition Conflict, Time Photography is now displayed at the Museum Folkwang in Essen. The exhibition is a cooperation between the two venues and

Labyrinth at the motorway, Castrop-Rauxel, Germany 2013

Nod – East of eden

This is a portrait of a parallel universe of those that withdraw from the public, yet expose themselves and yield to their desires on rest stops and parking areas… (photo essay by Jörg Meier)


Isabelle Pateer – Unsettled

The project ‘Unsettled’ focuses in a metaphoric way on the worldwide phenomenon of industrial expansion and its consequences, shown in the study of the Belgian village Doel and the surrounding polder area.


Courtyard of Kopi, Berlin on November the 19th 2012

Sébastien Van Malleghem | The Last Shelter

Berlin is considered like one the hippest cities of Europe. It is renowned for its trendy nightlife, its underground sub culture, and its inexpensive bohemian way of life…


Daisaku OOZU "One year has passed" Minami-Souma, Fukushima March 2012 from "INVISIBLESCAPES" (c) Oozu / galerie son

Invisiblescapes: Images from Fukushima and all parts of Japan by Daisaku OOZU

The photographer Daisaku Oozu, who has studied both photography in Osaka and philosophy in Kyoto and now lives in Yokohama, has hitherto placed the emphasis of his work on the depiction of landscape, sea and light. In his forthcoming exhibition in galerie son he again takes these subjects up, this time also in conjunction with […]


Ben Kilb | Castor transport

My short photo essay is a series about the protest against the Castor transport of nuclear waste in Lower Saxony/Germany in early November 2010. For three days people were demonstrating and blocking rails to keep the train carrying the waste from reaching its destination, the permanent disposal site in Gorleben. In the end the transport […]



Antonia Zennaro | Down There

The Reeperbahn, the red-light district of Hamburg, is a mile famous for its sin. Basic human drives that were considered primitive in Western Society at the time laid the



Lene Münch | The Secret World of Fraternities

“Freedom, Honor, Fatherland” may sound old-fashioned, but this is still the motto of student fraternities in Germany. They have the reputation of being ultra-conservative or


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