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Galerie Annie Gabrielli (, 33 avenue François Delmas (av. de Nîmes), 34000 Montpellier, France.

Trophée #1, ©Galerie Annie Gabrielli/Corinne Mariaud

Corinne Mariaud : Je ne suis pas un homme

Always faithful to her promotional approach of the most diversified contemporary photography, Annie Gabrielli gallery chose to expose Corinne Mariaud, press photographer who invests several artistic forms by way of

© Jean-Yves Moirin

Jean-Yves Moirin – Une obscure clarté

In photography, the reality cannot be perceived in its strict literality but always in charge of interpretation. It exceeds the frame of the objectivity to plunge us into a world

"Homme", 2010, inkjet on Dibond, 6 ex, 30 x 45.5 in. © Mouna Saboni/Galerie Annie Gabrielli

Mouna Saboni – Je voudrais voir la mer

Mouna Saboni is 24 years old. She is finishing study to the Superior School of Photography of Arles. On the occasion of a stay in Palestine in 2010 and 2011,

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