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AMPLITUDE №1: The first printed edition published by FotoDepartament

FotoDepartament presents its first printed edition – the set AMPLITUDE №1, consisting of 10 books of 10 Russian artists working with photography.


Fedor Shklyaruk. On Aether

The aether is total, but impalpable; it is invisible, but eternal; and finally it carries the light. Ancient philosophers believed that the aether is the fifth element, absolute and divine. Chemical transformations take place due to it and also the sky is such as it is. Because of its nature aether all the time eludes […]

Katya Yushkevich. Four Letters. First – L


FotoDepartament presents young photographers’ group exhibition «We-ll-timed» as part of IX Moscow International Biennial “FASHION AND STYLE IN PHOTOGRAPHY 2015. Participants: Natalya Baluta (Moscow) / Filipp Beloborodof (Petersburg) / Alexey Bogolepov (Petersburg) / Anastasia Bogomolova (Chelyabinsk) / Andrey Ivanov (Moscow) / Alla Mirovskaya (Moscow) / Evgeniy Molodtsov (Petersburg) / Natasha Podunova (Ekaterinburg) / Maria Sakirko […]

Saint-Petersburg, Russia / © Egor Rogalev / FotoDepartament Gallery

Egor Rogalev. Faraway, so close! Exhibition at FotoDepartament

otoDepartament Gallery presents an exhibition under the program Green, showing young Russian photographers: Egor Rogalev / Saint-Petersburg: Faraway, so close! Trying to cognize themselves and to find their own special place in the universe humans are usually faced with the feeling of loneliness, estrangement and alienation. We are a part of an enormous world in which our presence […]

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