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Viviane Sassen In Bloom, 2011 For Dazed & Confused © Viviane Sassen

Viviane Sassen – In and Out of Fashion

With her highly original and at times provocative practice, Viviane Sassen is one of Europe’s most exciting photographers. In and Out of Fashion is the first full retrospective of her fashion work.

Dhaka, Bangladesh - December 2011. A worker collects liquid waste from a ditch contaminated with chromium and other chemicals. This water is used to process low quality products in the smallest factories.

Matteo Cardin | Hazaribagh – Dhaka’s tannery

In Bangladesh, the leather industry is one of the most important economy. Most of the tanneries are based in the Hazaribag area, a densily populated neighborhood of Dhaka.


PRIVATE 17 | No-Fashion

All of the photos which compose this number of ‘Private’ represent denial or an attempt at denial of fashion. […] Here we find ourselves already in ambiguous territory where the body and whatever covers it is not just commercial merchandise, or at least not entirely.

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