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Idomeni / Border Grece to Macedonia 3/9/2016 / 11 am

Make Europe no border / Idomeni 2016

A project that began in 2012 after the war in Libya during the first great migration in Sicily. A story of the lives of men and women in search of their Europe.


A closed down video club in Filippou Str, Thessaloniki, Greece

Going out of Business

With Greece in its 6th year of recession, tens of thousands of small businesses have been forced to close and many more are likely to go the same way.


Athens, Greece - March 2013. Albrecht Durer's famous work "Praying hands" was adapted by the artist Manolis Anastasakou with the name "He, is praying for us" and was created with the idea to change the prey of a man into prey of god for everything that has to do with the crisis in Greece.  Greece, since 2009 is undergoing a period of heavy and deep economic crisis with its people experiencing probably the worst situation they have been found in after the IIWW.

The austerity effect

Greece, since 2009 is undergoing a period of heavy and deep economic crisis. In 2010, the then Greek government, turned for help to the EU and the IMF and…


Borderlands, © Paola Leonardi

Borderlands: The Edges of Europe

This series focuses on the connection between people and territory and the significance of trans-national and transcultural identities, exploring the relevance of European identity and its relationship with concepts of home and belonging, memory and territory and how these have been shaped by events.

Latvia Estonia border, between Ainazi and Ikla, 2010.

Borderline, the Frontiers of Peace

Since the Schengen Agreement entered into force in 1995, the borders in many parts of Europe have gradually faded from the landscape and from people’s minds.


A view of a Portuguese village where ones of the poor family lives

The latest

“The Latest” is journey in the lower Portuguese social class, the struggle that 3 millions of Portuguese live every day, the 30% of Portuguese population considered poor.


"A Girl Called Julia, Serbia-Romania border".

Borderlands: the Edges of Europe

Borderlands: The Edges of Europe is a collection of analogue photographs representing the people and places along the borders of the European Union, developed with the purpose of creating an archive of images narrating life at the edges of Europe. Since 2011 Paola Leonardi has undertaken extensive walks along the land borders of the European Union. […]

ATHENS, GREECE - September 2012. Immigrants loiter on Athinas street in central Athens. Most of Athens' immigrant population finds refuge, legal and illegal employment in the city's historic center.

Marcos Andronicou | Athens: Life in the Broken City

A volatile air of misery and uncertainty has plagued the Greek capital since the onset of the Global Economic Crisis in 2008.


KOSOVO - April, 2011. Leposavic camp in northern Kosovo used to be a storage for tanks of the Yugoslav army. Now it houses Roma families who were internally displaced in the war. Upon their return from Germany, the Hasani family had nowhere to stay and now lives with stepfamily in a small unit.

Marika Dee | Not my Country

In recent years, several thousands of people, many belonging to the Roma and related communities such as Ashkali and Egyptians, have been forcibly returned to Kosovo by Western European countries.


Julien Pebrel, PRIVATE 53

Julien Pebrel | Sulina, the European Far-East

At 0 km from the Danube, Sulina’s old lighthouse is only a symbol. The eastern gate of the European Union since the accession of Romania in 2007, it illuminates no more cargo…



Kirk G Ellingham | Four Floors in Bielany: Chechen Refugees in Warsaw

Every day dozens of Chechens try to escape the Putin-proclaimed happy paradise in Chechnya by entering the European Union illegally via the border with Ukraine or Belarus.



Matteo Bastianelli | The Rom Ghetto

According to data provided by various Rom associations, on the basis of the last census, approximately 150 thousand people belonging to that race live in Croatia. However, official fonts in the Zagreb government


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