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© Marianna Ciuffreda

Marianna Ciuffreda | Women are the backbone of Africa

On paves, tortuos and uphill roads, or unpaved and dusty ones, under scorching sun, with mud under their feet, I met young and old women.


Francesco Zizola (When hunger is green)

Francesco Zizola | When hunger is green

Francesco Zizola, When hunger is green, from PRIVATE 45 – Development. An Ecological Question Amidst the lush dark green maize and banana leaves of Southern Ethiopia, children are dying of hunger. The

PRIVATE 36, p. 30-31 (30-35), Chris Kirchhoff | Circles of faith

Chris Kirchhoff | Circles of faith

I have a fascination for exploration and discovery and have traveled widely from Antarctica to Mongolia and across Africa. My photography


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