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Dunlop's Sahaganj Estate March, 2015 - The Thorny Reality of a Past Glory

The Sorry Saga of a Past Glory

The Sorry Saga of a Past Glory – The Plight of Asia’s First Tyre Factory Estate, Dunlop, Sahaganj, Hooghly


Kolkata,India-July 2015. semi liquid hot iron is getting cleared from the floor

Irony of iron cast workers

The workers of that foundry works in long 12 hours shifts or even more sometimes in the skin burning heat.




Aberrance is an introspective and interpersonal look on the inextricable relationship within fragmented nature and artifice, and the human role within this dialectic. Meandering through the Cloud Forest at Singapore transformed my perception.


Pisa, Italy - January 2012. The signs on the back of Egon left by bandages to compress the breast, obtained by sewing together the bandages of sport horses.

The Egon project

The Egon project, photo essay by Sara Casna Transsexual: it is not easy explaining a word buried in commonplaces. A term which means half-existence, divided in two parts as the pit of a peach just cut. Or as two parallel lines which will never meet. Not even to infinity. Because being a transsexual means dark paths, […]


Foggia, Italy - August 2014. Portrait of a tomato picker.

On the Identity of a Tomato Picker

People that now live in cardboard shelters with no water or electricity, working ten hours per day for less than four euros per hour. People that had to lose their identity and become tomato pickers…


The road,the last place

Sleep Of No Dreaming

The road, the crash, before a deafening noise of nothingness, the nothingness from which they are precipitated indefinite duration in people in a vegetative state, victims of road accidents.


Houses along the waterfront of Port Hope. © Mike Berube

Mike Berube
Port Hope // Half Life

In recent years, Port Hope (Ontario, Canada) has undergone a significant radioactive waste remediation and removal process. Houses, farms, and public property have been identified for the removal of radioactive waste.


San Salvador, El Salvador. May 2013. MS-13 gang members languish in one of the three 'gang cages' in the Quezaltepeque police station. ©2013 by Giles Clarke/Getty Images

Giles Clarke | Caged in El Salvador

I traveled to a rough suburb 20 miles outside San Salvador and spent some time with a police captain and units charged with patrolling this particularly troubled area where both the M18 gang and MS-13 gang live and operate.


Trieste, Italy August 2012 - A portrait of Donatella and Gabriele in Piazza Unità, the symbol of Trieste.

Carlo Gianferro | Mad About You / A Short Story About Love

Their lives are consequences of families who couldn’t express their emotionality since childhood, this loss of emotionality bought them to psychic sufferings and periods in sanitary structures.


Srinagar, Kashmir 2011. 3 year old tariq lost his parents to 2009 kashmir riots. He now lives in a care-home on the outskirts of Srinagar. In the same riots, he was hit by a rubber bullet in the eye partially impairing him from his vision.

Narayan Tushar Kaudinya | Home, sky

These images are a journey into the isolated alleyways that exist between the past and the present and articulate a dreary silence.


Daniel: OK, OK. I'm a bit of a mad man. But I do my solid modeling of a car frame in soda straws.Denise: Daniel is right, he is a mad man. He is so in his element here. - san jose, california - Feb, 2012

Haoyu Feng | Daniel 1948

These photos tell a story about our lives. Even though the children and grandchildren are not in them, they and others in our family are in photos and object in the background of this pictures.


Laurence Leblanc, Seul l’air - PRIVATE 46, p. 26-27 (26-31)

Laurence Leblanc | Seul l’air

Laurence Leblanc creates committed but personal works, which cut with the immediacy and the spectacular of the contemporary report.


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