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Cairo, Egypt - August 2016. Street of sands, in the Northern Cemetery of al-Qarafa.

The city of the dead

The City of the Dead of Cairo is a cemetery, but here lives about one million and half people. This a vision from a place where it’s Life and Death, together.


EGYPT - 2010. Dawi Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed (73) was injured in 1958, east of Gelala, whilst out collecting firewood with another man. He spent forty days in hospital in Alexandria. The other man, his cousin Faize, was killed.

Andrew Youngson | The Devil’s Garden

It is estimated that approximately 17 million unexploded anti-personnel and anti-tank mines; artillery shells; bombs dropped by aircraft and machine gun, small arms and mortar rounds remain beneath the sand.


Member of the Ultras Ahlawy doing an illegal wall painting in Cairo's district Matareya

Ben Kilb | We die for Football, and Egypt – Ultras Ahlawy

Many call the Ultras the spearhead of the revolution after they protected protesters on Tahrir Square against police and armed thugs who attacked on camels.


Repairing a plastic recycling machine.

Jan Locus | Garbage City

The Zabbaleen (“Garbage people” in Egyptian Arabic) are Coptic Christians who migrated to Cairo 60 years ago and became the garbage collectors of the city. Their family-run micro-enterprises have created one of the most efficient recycling systems in the world. They recycle up to 80% of what they collect, whereas most private garbage collecting companies can […]


Bénédicte Kurzen, PRIVATE 53

Bénédicte Kurzen | Egypt Freedom of Speech

After 30 years of emergency laws and the “Charter of Principles”, which was drafted by Arab information ministers in Cairo in 2008, the visceral need to scream and shout openly erupted on Tahrir Square in February 2011…


PRIVATE 48, p. 28-29 (28-31)

Massimiliano Clausi | Harafish

Living standards in Egypt are low by international standards, and have declined consistently since 1990.


Tobias Hitsch (The Zabbaleen - Cairo’s waste pickers)

Tobias Hitsch | The Zabbaleen – Cairo’s waste pickers

The Zabbaleen are a community of waste pickers living not far from one of Cairo’s main tourist attractions; the Citadel. They are slightly hidden near the Mokattam Hills, in a place locally known as Garbage City.


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