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Pedro Nunes, CAIS

Pedro Nunes | Cais

CAIS is a Charity, an IPSS (Private Institution for Social Solidarity), founded in 1994 to promote and support the empowerment and autonomy of people in a situation of homelessness and


Suzhou, City, Center, Nanxim Lu. Outside view of old mansion.

Melanie Dornier | Chinese Dream

Chinese cities are exploding; everybody wants to enjoy new technologies and live on last development urban area. Old parts of cities don’t have anymore any value for Chinese development enthusiasms.


Motijhorna in Chittagong is a hilly place. Poor people from out of Chittagong live here for low accomadation cost as they come here for searching job.

Sanjoy Shubro | Landslide refugees in the city

People who live in the coastal areas of Bangladesh are always at risk of river erosion, cyclones, floods and other natural disasters… “Here we are dying for landslide but in


The statue of the parents of Francisco el Pocero, constructor of the Residencial Francisco Hernando in Sesena, Spain. El Pocero planned to build the biggest housing development  in Spain's with 13,508 homes. However, only 5,096 houses have building permit, and only 750 people have been registered so far in Sesena. 28/05/2011

Markel Redondo | Spanorama

Spain is one of the countries hardest hit by the European economic crisis. Thanks to a highly unstable financial and real estate market, an estimated 1.2 million new empty houses


06/02/2012. A "illegal coal miner" returns home after a hard day's work in an apocalyptic territory on the outskirts of the town of Jharia.

Thomas Vanden Driessche | Kalaheera – Black Diamond

Ever since I was a child, I have heard that eskimos have dozens of different words to describe subtle nuances of white. When I arrived in Jharia, I couldn’t help


PRIVATE 48 | Economic inequalities

The pictures of this issue show economic inequalities as they are today in a way which breaks the stupor of indifference generated by watching antiseptic clean TV programmes of the

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