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14.08.2016, Amman

When my niece was born

In my photo diaries, I try keeping records of people’s faces, try to catch their moods, and the atmosphere of the places where I find them…


Yogyakarta - August 2015.

Out Of Control

We should help each other, help anyone in distress. The Distress is spread out like a dancer. They was in trance conditions. In Trance condition we were in out of


Family portraits. Dhaka.

Neither Man nor Woman

The transgenders in Bangladesh, and in other parts of South Asia, are locally known as Hijras. In the West, they are known as hermaphrodites or eunuchs.


Cork, Ireland - July 2016

“My Irish days”

There’s no drama / or complicated story behind “My Irish days” photo series. It’s just everyday life and people in it.


Beni Chougrane mountain range at the outskirts of Mascara,July,21st,2016.

Escaping the Heatwave

The aim of this photographic series is to show the plight of these children who are ready to do anything just to avoid a hard sun.


Around the months of September and October each year, as the ten days of Dussera near, boys and men in the region of Karnataka known as Dakshin Kannada prepare to become tigers.

Stripes on body

Hulivesha is art dying art form from Mangalore in Karnataka, this documentary work from 3 years is an attempt to show the art form which is rich cultural heritage .


KOLKATA, INDIA - December 2014

Alopecia Areata

This is a Documentation of my physical and mental changes throughout the years i have suffered with Alopecia Areata. Only through my camera I could accept myself as i am.


Havana, Cuba - May 2016

Cuba – A Time Travel Country

Cuba, slowly but certainly changing, still offer a unique experience of how people live without technology and with limited ressources.


On the river Meghna,Bangladesh.June/2016. -As the launch enters the Meghna,a passengers watches the last hours of sunset.

Rhythm and Silence

Light, Life and a silent journey, a scenic pleasure. There are times when words cant describe emotions. There are times of serenity. Colors and light fill the space then.


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