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DELHI, INDIA - November 2015. Scrap vehicles deposited on the roofs of factories

Mayapuri Industrial Area

The Mayapuri district, located in the West of the city of New Delhi, is the industrial area with the highest concentration of vehicles and metals recycling centers of India.


Monte Sole (Marzabotto), Bologna, Italy, October 28, 2015. Adolf Hitler said" We must be cruel we must be with quiet consciousness. We must destroy technically, scientifically" those words are impressed on a stone of the entrance wall at the Casaglia cemetery. On the Marzabotto area, situated on the Appennini mountains between Bologna and Florence, the German Nazists special forces SS with the help of Italian fascists, accomplished one of the biggets slaughter against the local civil population of the Second World War, killing 1836 people, including 250 children. Only at the Casaglia cemetery were killed by machine guns and hand grenades 195 people between them 25 children.

Little family of Monte Sole

In 1944 at Monte Sole, on the Bologna’s Appennino mountains, Casetta and Podella were 2 farms producing cereals, fruits and grapes, surrounded by a huge area of wood and chestnut trees.


Me and Maa, India, May 2015.Maa with her childhood picture, she was like me only

Me and Maa

My son and my wife and their endless attachment towards each other. It seems their world has confined to a small room and they enjoy each and every bit of it.


American Desert - September 2013. Aerial desert landscape "Untitled #01".

“AT 36000 FEET”

An ongoing project of aerial photographs of the US Southwest desert landscape. Images of ancient geological formations and modern human traces.


Yerevn, Armenia - 07/06/2014.

On the edge

Living in long buildings with many neighbors made me always wonder if someone is watching me when I am in balcony or near the window.



Life at sea

Here in the pictures is one of the small, almost abandoned villages on the shore of the Barents sea. Once an important trade port of the region, now left behind for both economical and environmental reasons.


Milano, Italy - november 2015

A history of violence

Actually it seems a sort of time machine arrived from a post apocalyptic scenario, it could be a movie set from the chinese hollywood.


Rautes at the camp

The Last Hunters and Gatherers of the Himalayas

The Rautes, who call themselves Kings of Forests, subsist on langur and macaque monkeys, wild yams, rice and a few kinds of vegetables traded from local farmers.


Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Brasil - April 2015. Poor freedom

Cidade da Garoa

São Paulo is the largest and most populous city of the southern hemisphere; it is also known as the Cidade da Garoa. The Garoa is a fine and quite invisible drizzle.


Dhaka,Bangladesh-August 2015.Some school kids were waiting outside of the main gate of the park to enter inside.

Park Life

Amusement park is place where usually kids come with theirs parents to pass a good time. Its a place of joy for them. There are also some homeless kids, street dogs, hawkers, to whom the park is like home.




In Yakutian “Sitim” is the immaterial connection between a person and anything else. It is the mystical force of attraction that like an invisible thread unites man and the universe.


A closed down video club in Filippou Str, Thessaloniki, Greece

Going out of Business

With Greece in its 6th year of recession, tens of thousands of small businesses have been forced to close and many more are likely to go the same way.


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