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Punta Gallinas, Colombia - November 2014. A local man shows tourists the sights around Punta Gallinas, that only someone who lives there would know about, and how to get to without clearly defined roads.

La Guajira

La Guajira Desert is a vast, beautifully unaffected area in northeastern Colombia, along the Caribbean Sea. This region’s amenities are bare bones and unassuming…


Broken Ground (Portugal / Turkey), 2014


Broken Ground is a particular landscape that we can find in the city periphery, where a different organization and interaction between man and space is visible… (photo essay by Ana Catarina Pinho)


OAKLAND, CA - 11FEBRUARY14 -Pannizzo gives food and a couple of dollars to John, a homeless man in his camp beside the freeway.

Sleeping on the Streets

There is no recovery from the economic crisis for the people who live on the streets.



Virginie Terrasse | Masakut. The Present in Kalaalisut

This photo documentary is trying to portray a land in full transformation through the everyday life of Greenland’s teenagers.


Frederic Vanwalleghem | Into The Eye

This is a documentary on how climate change is increasing the intensity of extreme weather events, displacing millions of people, destroying livelihoods, crops and livestock.


One of the coldest snowiest years on record. People don't realize working with horses is a 365 day a year job no matter what the conditions.

Sarah Hoskins | Back to the Backside

Behind barn doors and the winners circle is a place called the backside. Where dreams and dreamers of the Big Horse reside. I used to think this work was just about the unseen world of horse racing and those who worked on the backside. Somewhere along the way and over the years I realized it […]


HEILBRON, SOUTH AFRICA - Oct 2013. The initiation of a new Sangoma is an exclusive experience filled with traditions and rituals. Only the local community, friends and family are invited to witness the Sangoma initiation. Normally outsiders and cameras are not allowed. It is a unique experience, because Sangomas believe they are being chosen by their ancestors to become a traditional healer. The harmony between the living and the death in the afterlife must be intact, so that the ancestors can protect and guide the living. Animal sacrifice and ritual dance are therefore vital elements during a Sangoma initiation.

Frank Trimbos | Sangoma Initiation

Sangomas are the practitioners of traditional African medicine in Southern Africa. Animal sacrifices, ancestors consultations, herbs, meditation, ritual songs and dance are key aspects of the traditional sangoma healing. These traditional healers receive an extreme amount of respect, devotion and faith from a large amount of the South African population. Although there is a significant […]


KYRGYZSTAN - October 2013. A Kyrgyz trader makes his way to the Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan border.

Martyn Aim | Borderlanders

An ongoing project tracing the borderlines of the young nations of ex-Soviet Central Asia in order to explore the political and economic changes that local people must navigate to survive, set within a formidable landscape of mountain, desert and steppe.


Pooja Jain, Renunciation

Pooja Jain

Coming from a literary tradition written in Pakrit and Sanskrit that talks about the world of renunciation, i was, intrigued by the lives of Jain nuns in India, and debates surrounding world renunciation, wanted to explore ascetic life beyond the white robes, shaved heads and barefoot commuting.


 UNITED KINGDOM, FEB 2013 , The land of the fox

Luke McGowan | And Then There Were None

The typical hunting act in society’s mind is a naive and inconspicuous event. Something that I have noticed while working on this project, is that the majority of people seem to have very little education on the subject…


A man waits for the ferry near Galipoli, Turkey 2011

Alexandros Demetriades | A Balkan Journey

Stooped in tradition and history the Balkans have a character to them that reveals both a steely strength and delicate sensitivity all at once. Blood and tears run with equal measure in this part of the world.


© Nicola Lo Calzo

Nicola Lo Calzo “L’eau et les rêves”

L’exposition “L’Eau et les Rêves” propose une incursion dans l’univers photographique de grands contemporains.


SUZHOU, CHINA-Feb 2012-Landscape view of crane and boat.

Melanie Dornier | On the river

On The River is a photo essay that documents maritime supply of raw material in China. A type of transport used for centuries and that is helping, now, to respond to important needs of supply due to fast growth.


© Mike Brodie

Mike Brodie – A period of juvenile prosperity

Starting in 2004, at age 17, Brodie rode the rails year after year, logging more than 50,000 miles and traversing 46 states.

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