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Frederic Vanwalleghem | Into The Eye

This is a documentary on how climate change is increasing the intensity of extreme weather events, displacing millions of people, destroying livelihoods, crops and livestock.


Stefano De Luigi, PRIVATE 57

Stefano De Luigi | Kenya Drought

Kenya is facing a devastating drought, the worst in the last decade. Parts of the country haven’t seen a drop of rain for several years, livestock and crops are dying and people are getting weaker every day.


Bangladesh, Chalna, Settembre 2012. Una ragazza corre verso il suo villaggio. Questa zona è particolarmente colpita da inondazioni, monsoni e cicloni; ciò provoca ogni anno la distruzione di interi villaggi e la perdita di raccolti. Questo fa si che intere famiglie siano costrette ad spostarsi verso le baraccopoli di Dahka, dove le condizioni di vita sono disumane e vi si trova anche un ambiente pericoloso per i bambini.

Child Survival in a Changing Climate

L’obiettivo fotografico di Luca Catalano Gonzaga racconta la tragedia dei bambini nel più grande campo profughi del mondo, quello di Dadaab in Kenya a 30 kilometri dal confine somalo…


Stuart Matthews | In Search of Hope: Climate Displacement in Bangladesh

The people of Bangladesh bear witness to the continued destruction that climate change is having on their densely populated country every day.


Bangladesh, Chalna, September 2010. Two women near their huts in the village of Chalna during floods. Their homes are increasingly threatened by rising water.This area in Bengala Bay is particularly affected by flooding. The cyclones, floods and monsoons hit the Bengal Bay annually causes the destruction of harvests and of entire villages because of increased rainfalls and sedimentation in river flow. The people who inhabit in this area are forced to migrate to Dahka slums with their children and live in dangerous and inhumane conditions.

Luca Catalano Gonzaga | Child Survival in a Changing Climate

Climate changes represent one of the biggest challenges humanity will face in the coming years. Global warming, ice melting, the frequency of droughts and floods are all symptoms of the ongoing climate change. There are huge risks for the planet and for future generations, and we should take note of it with urgency. As a […]


Ross McDonnell, PRIVATE 54

Ross McDonnell | Turkana. Cultures of change

hese images document, from a cultural perspective, the impact of climate change on the tribal communities of the Turkana people of Northwestern Kenya. The Turkana are pastoralist communities and are among the many indigenous cultures subjected to the consequences of climate change, caused by the developed world’s consumption. I focused my work in Turkana on […]



Monirul Alam | The People’s Struggle

Rafiqul has been forced to move 22 times in as many years, a victim of the annual floods that ravage Bangladesh. There are millions like Rafiqul in Bangladesh and in the future


PRIVATE 48, p. 24-25 (24-27)

Robert Knoth | Back to square one

In the summer of 2001, only months before 9/11, photographer Robert Knoth and writer Antoinette de Jong travelled on horseback into the remote areas of Northern Afghanistan where the population was suffering from severe drought.


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