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Rodick Petticoat Lane, 2014

Everything Will Be Forgotten

Following exhibitions in the US, Russia, and South America, international photo-based artist Frank Rodick will exhibit new work at Toronto’s Articsók Gallery. Entitled Everything Will Be Forgotten and opening April 30th

Houses along the waterfront of Port Hope. © Mike Berube

Mike Berube
Port Hope // Half Life

In recent years, Port Hope (Ontario, Canada) has undergone a significant radioactive waste remediation and removal process. Houses, farms, and public property have been identified for the removal of radioactive


Half of the Room, Toronto, June 2012. Man's face against the window

Marina Black | Half of the Room

The project Half of the Room addresses the concept of Home and Homelessness with respect to issues of loss, trauma, death and hope, drawn from both personal and observational experiences.



Teddy Seguin | Outport

In the far eastern Canada, the Big Island of Newfoundland is still a wild land sparsely populated. On this rugged coastline of 250 km from Port aux Basques Harbour Breton…


PRIVATE 48, p. 20-21 (20-23)

Jonathan Taggart | Split Like a Crutch

Jonathan Taggart, Split Like a Crutch, from PRIVATE 48 – Economic inequalities, pp. 20-23 he reserves of the In-SHUCK-ch Nation are scattered along both sides of British Columbia’s Lillooet River between the towns of


PRIVATE 37, p. 42-43 (42-45)

Ron Haviv | Ecological Forest

Rod Blake and his family are environment conscious forest managers. The way Blake runs his company has been endorsed as being a socially beneficial and economically viable management of the


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