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Sofia Bulgaria November 2014


Sofia offers a “waterproof” scenario to me, a planet where it is difficult to walk light, a spectral beauty wraps the city where live togheter: sadness, beauty and extravagance. (Photo essay by Sara Munari)


Varna, Bulgaria, June 22, 2014. My brother lives here with his wife Feklie. Her grandmother died during the flood, the water took her away. She lived a bit further down. As the rain started Feklie was in the living-room, playing with her child on the sofa. Suddenly she heard a loud noise and wanted to close the door. When she sees what’s happening outside she wants to escape but she is alone with the kid, and there is no one who can help her. I don’t understand why did these people throw this water on us? Do they want to kill us? Who is going to pay for the carpets, the furniture, everything? They are supposed to give us 300 lv as a compensation. This money won’t be enough even for the paint.

The Sea Inside

The Bulgarian Black Sea was swamped by a three meter high tidal wave that came not from the sea, but from the nearby woodland. It swept away houses, trees and cars and caused the death of 13 people, including 4 children…


The main hall ot the Bulgarian Communist Party memorail at mount Buzludja. © Nikola Mihov

Forget Your Past – the communist era monuments in Bulgaria

The book traces the fate of the most important communist-era monuments in Bulgaria, from their construction to this day.


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