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Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Brasil - April 2015. Poor freedom

Cidade da Garoa

São Paulo is the largest and most populous city of the southern hemisphere; it is also known as the Cidade da Garoa. The Garoa is a fine and quite invisible drizzle.


São Paulo - 12/2013

Felipe Abreu | São

São Paulo is a huge city. Many times its inhabitants don’t have a face, lost in the crowd that walks between work, home and few moments of fun. Its architecture is also misshapen in many moments, with buildings, stiles and heights overlapping, turning the biggest Brazilian city into chaos for eyes not used to the […]


PRIVATE 55, p. 18-19

Gustavo Jononovich | Richland

Richland is my long-term documentary project (currently in progress) about the over-exploitation of the natural resources in Latin America and the resulting long-term negative effects, both human and environmental.


Sebastián Liste PRIVATE 55, p. 66-67

Sebastian Liste | Bahia

The motivation of this work is the reconstruction of the emotional and spiritual ties that man has with the nature of Bahia, in Northeast Brazil.


Eduardo Martino, PRIVATE 53

Eduardo Martino | Modern-day Slavery in Brazil

Modern-day slavery in Brazil is very different to the kind practised during the colonial era. Brazil was the last country in the Americas to abolish slavery and today it takes place mostly in the Amazon…


Daniel Beltrá (The Amazon Drought)

Daniel Beltrá | The Amazon Drought

I am in Seattle, my home for the last 4 years, having a coffee at my favorite spot. While I’m thinking that the photo business has been kind of slow for the last 2 weeks, a short email from Greenpeace changes it all.


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