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The Belgian flag waves on the top of the Royal palace of Brussles, after the Belgian and European capital have been under lockdown for 4 days with a maximum alert level on terrorist attack. On international media Belgium, divided among French, Dutch and German speakers, has been considered  attractive to terrorists, also due to a diffuse incoordination related to its state organization.

Niveau 4. L’obscure au temps de l’alerte maximum

I explored the city during the lockdown days guided by these words: fear / security / unknown / limit. What are the feelings when police sirens become the ‘Original Soundtrack’ of your daily life?


© Chad Moore

At Amber, Chad Moore

Lots of people talk about youth as a journey. But most journey’s have endings, or at least destinations. Chad Moore’s photographs capture that moment when the end of the journey, or even the journey itself, are but after thoughts in the narrative of the moment.

NAMUR, BELGIUM. Spring 2015. mormon baptism room

The Latter Day Saints of Belgium – photo essay by Benjamin Sandri

The Mormon community counts more than 15 million members in the world, with about half of them in the United States. This religion stemming from Christianism was born in the New World during the XIXth century…


Doël, BELGIUM - February 2011. An inhabitant waiting for the bus that passes now rarely.

Doel | Analogie d’un territoire

Doel | Analogie d’un territoire, photo essay by Cédric Dubus Below polder marsh country Waas, caught between the nuclear power plant of Electrabel and the port of Antwerp, Doel is an abandoned village. To multiply passages of container, it was decided in 1995 that an expansion port area map turn into all the territory of […]


© Anders Petersen

Anders Petersen – Soho

For a month Petersen immersed himself in the life of the famous London district Soho.


Simple present, courtesy stieglitz19, © Bert Danckaert

Bert Danckaert | Simple Present

Sometimes it is as if everything in these pictures was moving but has come to a sudden halt. Or as if someone threw a handful of objects in the air, like in a children’s game, and they landed in an unexpected way – waiting for Bert Danckaert to turn up to photograph them.

The train Station in Ostende. Most of the migrants arrive by train. March, 2012

Nicolas Landemard | The Invisibles

They call themselves the invisibles. Impossible to be sure how many they are in Ostende and around, certainly more than we can imagine. Coming from all around the planet they end here on the Belgium coast, where the railroad ends.



Serge Van Cauwenbergh | My Grandmother Germaine

I’m currently documenting the life of my grandmother, the only grandparent I have left. It’s a personal long-term project that I started in August 2008. In 2010 however, I started to photograph her life more frequently. My intention is to document the consequences of her high age on her own life. I’m also interested in […]



Isabelle Pateer | Unsettled

The ongoing documentary series “Unsettled” focuses in a metaphorical way on the idea of “progress” in a case where living environment and heritage have to disappear because of industrial purposes.


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