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JAKARTA, INDONESIA - SEPTEMBER 03 : A plastic bag settles on the ocean floor, on Thousand Islands, Jakarta, in Indonesia, 03 September 2016. The area is described in tourist brochures and maps as a ' pristine ' beach, on the contrary visitors to the once untouched area left their plastic presence, the beach was littered with plastic bottles and plastic bags of waste and over-spilling rubbish bins.

Plastic Pollution in Indonesia

Indonesia, the world’s second biggest contributor to plastic waste in the oceans, is in a state of emergency with regard to waste problems.


Adriatic sea, Abruzzo, Torino di Sangro, Italy, 2015

Lego Beach (a serious play)

Just like the abandoned constructions in children’s bedrooms waiting for a new brick, a new gesture before being demolished again…


Gandiol, Senegal, October 2014. Amadou, eldest son of a village fisherman.

Borders, bifurcations, photo essay by Felipe Monteverde

At a waterfront in the Gandiol, the handful of fish Oumar catches will feed his family of seven. His hook meanders between plastic bags, rusty cans, and not far from a sewage outlet.


Sète, France, August 2014

PS : je t’écris de la plage des Mouettes, photo essay by Sandra Mehl

Far from the crowd of summer tourists on the Mediterranean coast, the “Seagull Beach” in Sète (France) spans several hundred meters along the Etang de Thau. Here, there are no roads, no stands, no streetlights.


A child playing with a kite in a strong windy day. In the background the promontory Devil's Saddle. Poetto Beach, Cagliari, October 2014

Poetto Beach

Poetto is the name of Cagliari’s main beach and it’s also the longest and most popular Sardinian city beach… (photo essay by Claudio Sanna)


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