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Terra Nullius, an exhibition, a book by Viviane Dalles

erra Nullius, from the Latin, describes a land without an owner. Whilst it may be inhabited, it is not actively farmed. During the colonisation of Australia by the British in



Hanzhengyi Pan | Confusion

took these photos during the last two year of my high school, also the second and third year that i have live in Australia. I am confuse about this new

Dean Sewell (Murray-Darling in Crisis)

Dean Sewell | Murray-Darling in Crisis Australia

This story is about Australia’s Murray-Darling River System. These two rivers form the most important series of Rivers, watercourses, lakes and wetlands in Australia and account for most of Australia’s


PRIVATE 37, p. 38-39 (38-41)

Dean Sewell | Drought in Australia

During real drought conditions it is important that water is kept up to the livestock and a major priority is the daily checking of the water pumping infrastructure…


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