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Paris, France - January 2016. *Ibrahim (22) and Shabab (22) confront the cold winter of Paris living in the Place de la Republic

Afghani refugees call Paris’ Place de la Republic home

Place de la Republic in Paris is a symbol of “living together” for the French especially after recent terror attacks that claimed more than 130 lives, yet for 400 Afghani refugees it has become home.


Kabul, Afghanistan, Dicember 2001

Alfredo Macchi | War Landscapes

Pictures are part of photo book WAR LANDSCAPES wich contains an hundred of photographs in black and white of landscapes captured in 15 years


Cover of Life in War Photo:Majid Saeedi

Life in War

Life in War is a fruit of the 2014 FotoEvidence Book Award and it is probably the only book about Afghanistan that isn’t filled with images of war. For ten years, Saeedi’s photographed daily life in the context of war.

PRIVATE 56. p. 32-33

Gitta van Buuren | School in Uruzgan

Today it is almost impossible to photograph Afghan schools. Following frequent attacks by the Taliban and other orthodox elements on schools’ students and teachers who are often girls and women, the Ministry of Education no longer gives permission for visits.


Zalmaï, PRIVATE 53

Zalmaï | The human cost of the war on terror in Afghanistan

Ten years after the world promised to rebuild Afghanistan, its people are again losing hope. In the course of these years, a humanitarian disaster has been taking place in the country…


PRIVATE 48, p. 24-25 (24-27)

Robert Knoth | Back to square one

In the summer of 2001, only months before 9/11, photographer Robert Knoth and writer Antoinette de Jong travelled on horseback into the remote areas of Northern Afghanistan where the population was suffering from severe drought.


PRIVATE 44, p. 48-49 (48-57), Stanley Greene - Afghanistan. Road to Ruin.

Stanley Greene | Road to Ruin

The ancient Silk Road that runs through Afghanistan has become the main artery in the opiate trade. The fall of the central Afghan government and the chaos caused by the US invasion have led to a drastic increase in heroin and opium production…



Teru Kuwayama | No Man’s Land

his project is an examination of a grey space at the center of the global map. In political terms it ranges from the Iranian-Afghan border to the Pakistan-India Line of Control. In geological terms, it surrounds the Hindu Kush mountain range, where it is met by the Karakoram, Himalayan, and Pamir mountains. These mountains have […]


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