Submit your photo essay


Please review and carefully follow the submission requirements.
Incomplete or wrongly completed submissions will not be considered.

• Upon reviewing submissions, PRIVATE reserves the rights to accept or deny any submission we receive.
• Submission of this form does not guarantee that your contribution will be accepted for publication.
Submissions which do not respect the guidelines provided, will not be considered.

All photos and texts submitted must be the legal property of the person submitting the image or the text. PRIVATE will not be held responsible for any copyright infringements.
All photographers and writers retain full copyrights for their own work.

– photographic essays should be composed of 8-12 photographs from a single work;
– for each photo, please, write the captions, the date of realization and the location;
– sized at 1200 pixels in length (72dpi, jpg format: Save For Web, sRGB color space, high-quality, compression 50)
– label (mention) the files with your name and numeration, in this way: name_lastname_01.jpg

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