Photographers Archives: Will Berridge

Will Berridge (, born 1975, is a UK based documentary photographer who focuses on projects that reflect on current and past cultural and social issues. Will aims to capture the essence and spirit of the subject in his photographs, and enjoys the challenge of portraying the emotional theme that underpins a scene within his concerned photography. Having travelled and photographed around the world and with a career in the corporate world behind him, Will returned to study gaining a MA in Photojournalism with distinction from the University of Westminster.

Alaverdi, Armenia - July 2012. 41.1333° N, 44.6500° E, Alaverdi, Northern Armenia, population 6,000.

Will Berridge | The tale of the copper town

Day and night freight trains depart the town of Alaverdi in Northern Armenia with a cargo of pure copper and slowly make their way across the nearby Georgian border…


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