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TommasoFiscalettiTommaso Fiscaletti ( was born in Cattolica (RN) in 1981. He Lives and works beetween Milan and Cape Town (Sudafrica) as a photographer of portraits and landscapes, working diligently to personal projects. His work has been exhibited in various exhibitions and fairs, both in Italy and abroad and has won several awards. In 2011, he partnered with Alice Marrollo “LeaFlood”, to carry out projects that arise from the constant comparison between the two.

The Women of Dunoon, Cape town, 2014

Between Home and Wisdom

South African looks in the photographs by Tommaso Fiscaletti resented for the first time in Italy, this is the South African debut project of Tommaso Fiscaletti, created in Cape Town,


Eunice Magwa at home, Dunoon, Cape town, 2014

Between Home and Wisdom

Between Home and Wisdom is a portraits photographic project. The images were captured in the township of Dunoon, were about 30.000 people live at the doorsteps of Cape Town. The project


Shy shadows #1

Tommaso Fiscaletti | Shy shadows

This project is for me the first concrete step towards the externalization of what Man has within himself. With the portrayed subjects, I’ve built personal relationships and I feel they


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