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Talos Buccellati ( works and lives in Paris. Italian photographer, born in 1976 in Genova, Italy, he works in the Editorial industry and he is specialized in portraits and documentary. Before becomes a professional photographer, he has obtained a degree in Geography and a Master’s degree with a scholarship in Peace Building Management, with a Geopolitical specialization about Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq and he has worked for several Italian universities, in International Cooperations and for the United Nations. He has a passion for all aspects of photography and has a special interest in portraiture and documentary as a means of communication and documentation.

Elisabetta receives more donations. 17/05/2010

Talos Buccellati | Till the last drop

This project describes an industry in the absence of blood and other blood products in the face of strong request because there are many patients with acute leukemia, lymphoma, or need bone marrow transplant…


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