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Sunmin Lee (, born in 1968, Seoul. She lives in South Korea.

© Adolphus Opara

Photoquai 2013

Depuis sa création en 2007 à l’initiative du musée du quai Branly, la biennale de photographie Photoquai met en valeur une photographie du monde entier qui donne à voir un ailleurs vu de l’ailleurs.

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PRIVATE 52 | Contemporary Photography SOUTH KOREA

Even though it has been only about 10 years since photography was included in art in Korea, photography is becoming the very basics and center of the whole art field as it goes through amazing changes.

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PRIVATE 52, Sunmin Lee, p. 50-51(55)

Sunmin Lee | The Woman’s House

Despite its external image of being a place of tranquil relaxation, a family, the arena for such things, is a place of confrontation among various emotions such as desires, frustrations, tedium, and anger.


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