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Sara-CasnaSara Casna (website), 1981, Italy. I got my degree in 2010 at Istituto Italiano di Fotografia of Milan and I worked for two years as a news photojournalist. Presently I am working in social reportage and I collaborate with a photography association where I teach photography language. I have been setting up many exhibitions during photography Festivals in Italy with both personal and cooperative projects. This project was published on Stern Magazine.

Pisa, Italy - January 2012. The signs on the back of Egon left by bandages to compress the breast, obtained by sewing together the bandages of sport horses.

The Egon project

The Egon project, photo essay by Sara Casna Transsexual: it is not easy explaining a word buried in commonplaces. A term which means half-existence, divided in two parts as the pit of a peach just cut. Or as two parallel lines which will never meet. Not even to infinity. Because being a transsexual means dark paths, […]


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