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Sanjoy Shubro (, I was born in Bangladesh in 1987. Ever since I can remember I have been restless, passionate and pretty much interested in everything. Growing up, I wanted to be anything that interested me. Carrying so many interests and passions in one body, with no clue what exactly I want to do in my life. Photography is the way of my life, is my life. ‘While images are my passion, photography is my way of experiencing the world and seeking the answers. It’s a never-ending process of learning, a pretext to meet others and find myself in life changing situations. It is to know the truth about myself.’ 

Motijhorna in Chittagong is a hilly place. Poor people from out of Chittagong live here for low accomadation cost as they come here for searching job.

Sanjoy Shubro | Landslide refugees in the city

People who live in the coastal areas of Bangladesh are always at risk of river erosion, cyclones, floods and other natural disasters… “Here we are dying for landslide but in our village we were dying for poverty or natural disaster.”


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