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Ron Haviv (, born in 1965. Throughout his career as a photojournalist Ron Haviv has confronted risk in order to bring our attention to our less fortunate neighbours. He has covered conflict in Latin America and the Caribbean, crisis in Africa, the Gulf War, fighting in Russia and conflict in the Balkans. In the 21st century he has documented the aftermath of September 11, the war in Afghanistan and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Haviv is a cofounder of the VII agency.

Young Darfuri girls leave their displacement camp at sunrise to look for firewood to cook food for their families. © Ron Haviv/VII Photo

Workshop with Ron Haviv

The workshop is open to 12 participants, professional photographers and advanced amateurs who wish to improve their photographic style and technics or experiment with a new genre. “This year it


PRIVATE 37, an Ecological Question

PRIVATE 37 | an Ecological Question

The destruction of our environment – albeit caused by natural disasters – involves parties (communities, governments or industrial players) and is often the result of a multiplicity of factors: human

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PRIVATE 37, p. 42-43 (42-45)

Ron Haviv | Ecological Forest

Rod Blake and his family are environment conscious forest managers. The way Blake runs his company has been endorsed as being a socially beneficial and economically viable management of the


PRIVATE 31 | HUMANITY – special VII Photo Agency

VII derives its name from the number of founding photo-journalists who, in September 2001, formed this collectively owned agency. Designed from the outset to be an efficient, technologically enabled distribution

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