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Emad Owda, 30 yrs old, is seen in Gaza, Palestine in 2012.
It was late at night on January 14th, 2009 when Emad decided to flee the area, as his family already had, due to a massive
shelling. He was with a friend when he was hit by a drone. His friend died immediately while he was left bleeding for 40 minutes
with severe wounds. Then an ambulance arrived and took him to the hospital where he stayed for 3 days, before being transferred to Egypt. He lost a leg, while the other one is severely damaged. He also lost his right eye. He is a father of 3 children.
He said that after the war he went to the PCHR center in the north of Gaza, in the Jabalia camp, to describe what happened to him.

Paolo Pellegrin – Gaza Portraits

Between 27th December of 2008 and 18th of January 2009, the Israeli military carried out an attack on the Gaza Strip named Operation Cast Lead.


PRIVATE 28 | an Ethical Question

The selected images for this issue of PRIVATE, with their individual style, at times assisted by visual references, demonstrate a common appreciation of the reportage as a genre. They all possess a sincere – and frankly infrequent – ethical sense.

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