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PaolaLeonardiPaola Leonardi ( is a London based photographer as well as Lecturer in photography at University Campus Suffolk, Ipswich.
Since graduating from Goldsmiths College in 2006 with an MA in Image and Communication, Paola has worked both commercially as well has developing her own projects.
Her work is concerned with the representation of cultural identity, its shifts and states of transition. She actively publishes and exhibits her work, which has been sponsored by the Arts Council England and European Cultural Foundation.

shepherd, Nagorno Karabagh 2011


This photo essay forms a lyrical exploration of the contended borders of Armenia and of the Self Declared Republic of Nagorno Karabagh…


Borderlands, © Paola Leonardi

Borderlands: The Edges of Europe

This series focuses on the connection between people and territory and the significance of trans-national and transcultural identities, exploring the relevance of European identity and its relationship with concepts of


Undrawn Hours, © Paola Leonardi

Paola Leonardi | Undrawn Hours

The harsh weather made human encounters rare and the structures that remain have become relics abandoned in a sea of hay and ice, reminders of a past human presence.


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