Photographers Archives: Ole Elfenkämper

Ole Elfenkaemper ( is a self-taught photographer. He was born 1982 in the north of Germany, nearby the Baltic Sea. Starting to film his friends during skatesessions, he developed an interest in photography in 2005. But he also continued to follow his passion for movies working as 2nd camera assistant on feature films and commercials. Furthermore he worked as Director of Photography for documentaries and short movies.

04/07/2011. Toni grew up in Ballsh and went to Greece for work. As the economy crisis started, he lost his job and therefore he had to leave Greece. Now he lives back at home with his family and helps out in his fathers motorcycle garage.

Ole Elfenkämper | Rape of growth

Dilapidated industrial plants, a lack of sewage plants and high air pollution burden the environment. Cities like Ballsh, Patos or Elbasan in central Albania reveal the extent of the lack of environmental awareness and the indifference of big company’s.


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