Photographers Archives: Nikola Mihov

nikola_mihovNikola Mihov ( was born in Sofia in 1982. He received the Photojournalism Award of the Union of Bulgarian journalists (2012) and was nominated for the award of Salon de la Photo in Paris (2012). His first photo book Forget Your Past was listed among the best photo books of the year by The British Journal of Photography and nominated for the The Deutsche Börse Photography Prize (2014).

Shenzhen China January 2011, remaining buildings form the Gangxia quarter, located in the heart of the Futian business district.

Nikola Mihov | Under Destruction

In November 1979, the southern Chinese county Bao’an with a population of about 50 000 people was renamed to Shenzhen. One year later Deng Xiaoping declared the newly-formed city to


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