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Miguel Ferraz Araújo ( born in 1975, as son of portuguese migrants in Germany. Studied from 1999 till 2005 photography at the University of Applied Science Bielefeld and the FAMU in Prague, Czech Republic. He graduated 2005 with his diploma from the University of Applied Science Bielefeld and works as a freelance photographer in Hamburg, Germany.
He participated in group exhibititions in Barcelona, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Weimar and Bielefeld. His pictures were published in Spiegel Online, Gee Magazin, Steidl Publishing, Chrismon Plus, A+W (Architektur und Wohnen), die Zeit, Stiftung Lesen, die taz, die Metropole…


Miguel Ferraz Araújo | Kola San Jon

Cova da Moura is a small Ghetto in Lisbon, that was builded illegaly in the seventies by Capverdian migrants. This area has a bad reputation, because of the youth gang violence and drug traffic which became a daily problem. Every second person living in this area is younger than twenty years and is confronted with […]


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