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melanieMelanie Dornier (, french photographer, has been recognized by her pairs as an emerging photographer at the prestigious Salon de la photo 2011 of Paris, France. Her fresh and feminine perception has been influenced by an international background and way of life. Since 2009, she is living in China where she works mainly in documentary photography field. Her photography has been published worldwide in prestigious magazine as Sunday times and Global business magazine. Her artistic approach gave her recognition on fine art as well, she is represented by Salomon Duval, Paris.

SUZHOU, CHINA-Feb 2012-Landscape view of crane and boat.

Melanie Dornier | On the river

On The River is a photo essay that documents maritime supply of raw material in China. A type of transport used for centuries and that is helping, now, to respond to important needs of supply due to fast growth.


Suzhou, City, Center, Nanxim Lu. Outside view of old mansion.

Melanie Dornier | Chinese Dream

Chinese cities are exploding; everybody wants to enjoy new technologies and live on last development urban area. Old parts of cities don’t have anymore any value for Chinese development enthusiasms.


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