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Matteo AllegroMatteo Allegro ( In the beginning it was just enjoyment and pleasure in shooting pictures, before discovering a real fever for photography when in Tokyo whilst shooting with a compact camera. My passion evolves in the course of my travels around the World, from my first love for landscapes to a fervor and sensitivity for portraits. With my lens I model the scenes that reflect behind my eyes, I rebuild and convert them into personal creations.

Cart drivers are arriving at the Market.

Matteo Allegro | Tsukiji Market

Located in central Tokyo it is for sure one of the most interesting spots in the city, offering to the visitors an authentic overview of how huge and serious the fish business actually is in Japan.


Mongolian Herder standing on the rocks of the Gobi Desert. Dundgovi Province, Mongolia.

Matteo Allegro | Mongolian Nomad Herders

Mongolia is a fantastic place where to experience real adventures, a never ending wild plain from the Gobi Desert to the green steppe of Dornod. During my trip to Mongolia, I had the luck to face the legendary mongolian hospitality as I stayed for a few weeks together with nomad herders experiencing their way of […]


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