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Massimo Barberio, born in Bari in 1983, Massimo left his family in 1997. Finding himself again in his hometown in 2006, after unsatisfactory studies in philosophy, found a camera and his interest in photography. This led him to take courses in many workshops with photographers such as Frank Dituri and Francesco Zizola, who appoint him as Giacomelli’s “heir”. He exhibited all around Italy and abroad, in London, Miami, New York, Cincinnati, San Diego, and in Russia in Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg and St. Petersburg, winning national and international awards and honorable mention (over all the IPA, WPGA, Px3).

Bari, Italy - Jan 2011. A view from the courtyard of the Socrate.

Massimo Barberio | The Neverending Story – South Antifa

It’s very important to remember that all the immigrants that arrive from Africa in Italy, are seen in a very suspicious way in a nation day by day more intolerant…


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