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_MG_3665Marianna Ciuffreda ( Italy, 1981. “My interest for photography developed five years ago, when I received a Holga camera as a christmas gift. since then, I never stopped watching the eyepiece, which for me is like a 28mm keyhole. my field of interest are social documentary and reportage photography. I prefer long-term projects that allow me to get in touch with people in a deeper way. the human presence is very important to me, whether in the present, past, or the future. I want to tell stories about women, and Women are the backbone of Ethiopia is a beginning.”

© Marianna Ciuffreda

Marianna Ciuffreda | Women are the backbone of Africa

On paves, tortuos and uphill roads, or unpaved and dusty ones, under scorching sun, with mud under their feet, I met young and old women.


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