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avatar-mcardamoneMaria Concetta Cardamone (, 1984, Palermo, IT.
I work in photography since 2008, following a training which included courses such as “History and technique of photography” with Angelo Pitrone at the University of Palermo, workshop of Ancient printing techniques at Palermophoto and course of Reportage with Fausto Podavini. I have exhibited both in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, with both reportage and artistic works.

SARNATH, UTTARPRADESH, INDIA - October 2014. “Where is the phenomenon that I perceive?” This question is the basis of the pedagogy started in the ‘80s by the Italian teachers Valentino Giacomin and Luigina De Biasi, and named “Alice Project”. As in the story of Carroll students are invited to follow the wise rabbit, i.e. the path to self-knowledge.

Alice Project – The Wonderland In A School Of Sarnath

This photographic project is about the first intercultural and interreligious school of “Alice Project”, founded in 1994 in Sarnath, India… (photo essay by Maria Concetta Cardamone)


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