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Marcus BleasdaleMarcus Bleasdale (, born in 1968 in Kendal (UK). He is one of the world’s leading documentary photographers and uses his work to influence policy makers around the world. His photographs on human rights and conflict has been shown at the US Senate, the US House of Representatives, the United Nations and the Houses of Parliament in the UK. Marcus has published two books, One Hundred Years of Darkness (2002) and The Rape of a Nation (2009), and he has been the recipient of countless honors and awards including the Hood Medal for Services to Photography from the Royal Photographic Society (UK) in 2012.

PRIVATE 57 | INQUIRY – special VII photo agency

It’s common to hear photojournalists described as the eyes of the world, acting as witnesses to events that we would otherwise not see. To some extent this is true, but it’s a simplified description that suggests passive observation and it denies the greater function of active investigation that defines great photojournalism…

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Marcus Bleasdale

Marcus Bleasdale | Lord’s Resistance Army

The rebel Lord’s Resistance Army and Joseph Kony, its messianic leader, have waged a campaign of massacres, torture, and abduction on civilians across Central Africa since the mid-1980s.


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